Proposed Constitution Changes 2018

Notice of


of the

Weka Pass Railway Inc.

To be held on Monday 19th February 2018

Commencing at 7.30pm

St Johns Church, Cotswold Ave, Bishopdale, Christchurch

The purpose of the meeting is to pass proposed alterations to the constitution.

The meeting will be followed by a slide show of railway interest.

Apologies should be forwarded to the Secretary:
Phone 0800 Weka Pass or use this form

Download/View the Proposed Constitution here


Note, this is a summary. Members are encourage to check the proposed Constitution as a whole

5     Membership definitions:

(a) Family

Age of children defined as up to sixteen years of age.

(b) Junior

Junior member to be up to sixteen years of age.

Explanation: clarifies by age definition children and junior members, and raises the age of both to sixteen.

7     Cessation of membership:

(c)   Alcohol and drugs:

Provides for influence of alcohol or any other substance to be recognised as contributing to impaired capabilities.

Explanation: widens possible causes of impaired capabilities while removing the word marijuana, and provides for the opinions of other members present to be taken into account.

10     General Meetings:

(b) Annual General Meeting:

Moves the Annual General Meeting to the last Monday in April.

Allows for nominations for the positions of Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary to be in writing in the hands of the Secretary no later than ten days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

Explanation: shifting the meeting to the last Monday in April recognises that for the last two AGMs, it was not possible to produce audited accounts for the meetings. This proposal gives more time for this to happen.

Explanation: Allowing for early nominations for the four key Executive positions provides an opportunity (should it be needed) to discuss with nominees their awareness of the time demands and commitment of each of these positions, and may remove from them any pressure they may feel at having to signify assent or refusal if nominated unexpectedly from the floor at a meeting.

Nominations will be still be accepted from the floor at meetings.

(f) Voting:

(iii) Result of vote:

If two more nominees are tied after a vote for election to the Executive Committee, a further vote shall be held. If the tie remains unresolved, then the incoming Executive Committee shall resolve the matter as provided in Section 31 of the Constitution.

Explanation: this provides a method dealing with a tied vote, as happened at the 2017 AGM.

14 Executive:

(b) Financial Status:

New sub-clause stipulating that members of the Executive Committee are required to maintain their status as financial members of the Society.

Explanation: Self-explanatory. If not financial, then a member of the Executive Committee should have no right to vote in that committee.

15 Board:

(d) Meetings:

Changes the frequency of Board meetings from at least quarterly to not more than two-monthly intervals.

Explanation: quarterly is deemed to be too infrequent, given the nature of the Board’s responsibilities.

16 Sub-Committees:

(b) Standing Committees:

Publicity and Promotions:

  • (i) Composition:

Now includes the Shop Manager.

  • (ii) Responsibilities:

Explanation: Emphasises responsibility for the promotion, publicity, marketing and event management, which is becoming much more important. Removes the previous emphasis on the shop operation, which is now adequately managed by the Shop Manager who reports to the Executive Committee.

  • (iii) Meetings:

Increases the frequency of meetings to not less than two-monthly.

Explanation: We do well out of events, and need to expand the range of events. This proposal recognises this and places the planning and running of these events in the hands of a separate committee, the Chairperson of which will report to the Executive committee.

27 Communication:

Requires members to contact the Executive Committee before proceeding with personal promotions of the railway, and adds the words “including posts on social media”.

Explanation: Self-explanatory.

Throughout the Constitution:

Gender-specific terms and titles have been amended to be gender neutral.

Download/View the Proposed Constitution here