Society Membership

Membership of the Weka Pass Railway Inc

Looking for an exciting and truly rewarding hobby for your spare time? Love trains and want to work and play alongside like-minded people? Wanting to gain experiences and learn new skills for the CV, whilst having a load of fun? Why not become a member, and volunteer on the Weka Pass Railway?

The Weka Pass Railway relies on a small, lively team of volunteers to restore, operate and preserve equipment from New Zealand’s railway history. Our members come from all walks of life and work together to create and run our iconic North Canterbury tourist attraction. You’ll be sure to fit in whether you’re still in school or retired. What’s more, society membership allows you to access our facilities, gain free travel on our train services, attend social events, and receive regular publications of our ‘Frog Rock Times” Railway Newsletter. Most volunteers lend a hand on both public running days and members-only work days, but how much time you wish to commit is entirely up to you and your interests.

What does membership of the Weka Pass Railway offer me?

  • Regular publications of the “Frog Rock Times” railway newsletter
  • Free rides on public trains (conditions apply)
  • Access to WPR facilities
  • The ability for hands-on participation

Subscribed Membership of the WPR is of 3 types:

Ordinary Member:
Ordinary members shall be eligible to vote at General Meetings of the Society and have one vote per class member.

An Ordinary Member may nominate a spouse or partner as a Family Member with the Family subscription to be one-and-a-half times an Ordinary one. Children of the family up to fifteen years of age may be included in the membership.

A family is considered a single member for voting purposes at General Meetings.

A Junior Member is to be under eighteen years of age with the subscription to be half an ordinary one. Members of fifteen years and over have the option of being Ordinary Members.

Junior members are not entitled to a vote at General Meetings.