Public Train Calendar

On selected Sundays and Public Holidays, dozens of Weka Pass Railway volunteers set out to Waipara to operate our trains, for the enjoyment and education of all

Our calendar is subject to change without prior notice. Bookings are strongly recommended for all Public Trains.

Public Train Calendar:

Announced Dates


Sunday 4th
Sunday 18th


Sunday 3rd
Sunday 17th
Saturday 30th (East Special Night Event)


Sunday 7th
Sunday 21st


Sunday 5th
Sunday 19th

Weka Pass Railway operates year round.
More dates are usually announced here 6 months in advance.




Public Trains Timetable:

UP Depart GLENMARK – 11:30am
Arrive WAIKARI – 12:15pm
DOWN Depart WAIKARI – 1:00pm
Arrive GLENMARK – 1:35pm
UP Depart GLENMARK – 2:00pm
Arrive WAIKARI – 2:45pm
DOWN Depart WAIKARI – 3:10pm
Arrive GLENMARK – 3:45pm


Our trains and station facilities can also be privately hired on most days of the year, excluding the Public Train Days outlined above. See our Train Hire page for more information…

All of our trains consist of vintage 1930’s passenger carriages and at least one open-air carriage to take in the views.