Train Hire – Terms and Conditions


  • 1) Fees indicated are for total hire time of three hours from the requested departure time even if you are late arriving. Departure from Waikari will be timed for a return time, and total time of 3 hours.
  • 2) Time beyond three hours is charged at $150 per half hour.
  • 3) Extra time will not be charged if the extra time is the fault of the WPR or is caused by equipment failure.
  • 4) You may request that stops be made anywhere on the line for any duration, subject always to safety considerations determined by the WPR, and subject to the total train hire time.
  • 5) The three hour time period starts from the time of departure originally agreed to at the time the hire was booked, and is not extended if you are late. If this happens to you a request to extend beyond three hours will incur a charge as above. The time will be extended without further charge if the delay is the fault of the WPR.
  • 6) Train hire does not include footplate rides on the locomotive.
  • 7) You will be responsible for the good conduct of the passengers during the hire, and while on WPR property before and after the hire.
  • 8) Total Passengers can not exceed the number booked. Passenger numbers in excess of the number booked will require the hire fee to be increased as per the standard charges. The number of passengers is always established as part of the Guard’s duties on the train, and the Guard’s headcount will be used to establish actual numbers.
  • 9) If WPR is not informed of the extra passengers before arrival, this may require the late addition of another carriage, which will cause delays. This may also cause a possible late departure, additional time charges or passengers may be declined admittance if there is not sufficient capacity.
  • 10) Your train hire will be secured when the hire is confirmed by payment of a deposit of $150.
  • 11) You may cancel your hire at any time up to 72 hours before departure, and your deposit will be refunded in full.
  • 12) Cancellation within 72 hours of departure will result in a refund of 50% of your deposit. However, if you rebook your hire at the time you notify your cancellation, your deposit will be carried forward to the new booking.
  • 13) WPR reserves the right to change at any time for operational reasons the motive power or equipment used for the hire, but will in all cases endeavor to give you as much notice as we can. Should such a change not suit you, you may cancel the hire or change the date of the hire without penalty. If you decide to proceed with the hire, then the appropriate hire rate will apply.