Refund Application


Your refund may not granted if you do not qualify:
– You can not claim a refund unless you made the booking. Refunds will not be transferred.
– You can not notify us or ask for a refund after the booking has expired (train has departed)
– You must fully complete the information requested
– Cancelled bookings up to 96hrs (4 days) before departure will will incur a fee (Tickets Terms and Conditions)
– Cancelled bookings less than 96 (4 days) hours before departure will not be refunded. (Tickets Terms and Conditions)
– Refunds, alterations or cancellations may incur a fee. See (Tickets Terms and Conditions)

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    The Weka Pass Railway is staffed and run by dedicated volunteers. We all have other commitments so your refund may not be processed immediately. Typical time frames are 3-4 working days. Contact Us if your refund is not received in a week, or if your need is urgent.