Super Saver Carriage Hire – Application

Your own Carriage of 37 seats. 

Equivalent value of up to $1,295 at Standard Fares!

  • The Super Saver Carriage Hire is a return trip in your own carriage on one of our Standard Public Trains. Standard timetable and operation applies
  • This Booking/Application must be made no later than one month before departure date.
  • Total Price Price $975 incl GST , and once paid your booking will be confirmed.
  • The Super Saver Carriage is 37 Seats
  • If you need additional seats, which will be in another carriage, Tickets will have to be purchased separately at the standard rates
  • The Super Saver Carriage Hire is only available on Standard Public Train dates. See our timetable
  • Standard Terms and Conditions apply


    See our timetable for dates

    Note: Due to demand and reduced capacity we are not currently accepting Super Saver applications for the morning train

    Fares and timetables may change without prior notice. Check the booking/ticket for your train to confirm